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Adam4EVE provides EVE Online market data, analysis and services. Please pick your poison from the menu above or the descriptions below. Enjoy!

Market trends
Are you a station or region trader looking for rising or falling prices in order to profit from the opening margin?

The market trends page shows the top changing commodities in different market categories and is also the basis for the market tweets done by @AdamFourEVE.

See an example for selected commodities below.

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Price trend of special interest commodities
Comodity Price 1d 1w 3m 1y
Quafe Zero 17,5M 2.01 0.89 -4.20 17.95
Multiple Pilot Training Certificate 1,35B 0.88 -5.25 -4.32 -10.68
Astrahus 664M -0.09 -4.88 -18.27 -27.87
Fortizar 7,80B 3.44 4.58 -15.95 -20.53
Skill Extractor 310M 0.03 -0.71 1.44 -6.33
Lrg. Skill Injector 680M 0.13 -0.36 -5.15 -14.46
PLEX 2,85M -0.15 -1.49 0.83 -6.63

This 90 second "primer" video explains the basic functionality of this part of the site:

A detailed tutorial video can be found on the channel, too.
Market orders
You deep in Null and want to check price levels in Jita? Want to compare prices on a galactic level? Want to be able to filter the market orders in many ways?

Ingame market orders are regularly pulled from CREST aswell as on-demand. An increasing spectrum of filters allow to exactly view what your searching for. And URL parameters allow you to bookmark your request for quick revisiting.

See an example by clicking the image above, use the quicksearch form below to checkout specific market orders or go the market order page directly for more seach and filter options.

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Commodity details
Want to have a complete overview of a specific item? Want to know the price history of an item? Maybe the build price history? Or use the manufacturing calculator?

The commodity details page tries to present as much useful information in one central place. The amount depends on the chosen commodity of course.

Links to the commodity details are located within nearly all sections of this site, however you can look at the Astrahus Citadel as an example or select a commodity below.


Citadel statistics
How many Citadels are there? In my region? What market share do they represent?

CREST exposes some information about Citadels with market modules. This page displays the information that can be gathered by this exposure.

Beware, having this limited Citadel data in CREST suggests that it is rather a bug than a feature. But interesting nonetheless.

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This 90 second "primer" video explains the basic functionality of this part of the site:

Planetary interaction
Which PI chain is the most profitable one? Should my factory do P3 to P4 or take P2? Which effect have the different customs on my chain?

With PI you can earn ISK while being offline. A4E allows you to view you PI chain in a logical way and set your market and custom tax values to see their effect.

Of course planet quality and amount of parallelisation have to be factored in by youself.

Goto PI profitability or chain viewer


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