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Current applied filters: max 999 jmps of 'Jita', 'Hodrold' system, capsuleer: 'Oleg Chuguev'

  Geography Contract Profit min Profit max Details
ID   Region SolarSystem Station FP Jmp Types Volume BPCs? NMkt? IR? NoP Cost Value Profit Pft % Profit Pft % Title Issued Expires Issuer Corporation Alliance Last seen
137234014 Metropolis Hodrold Hodrold VII - Moon 8 - Thukker Mix Factory Yes 19 16 101.000 No No No 0 205.000.000 263.940.769 20.923.796 10 58.940.769 29 27.09.2018 19:18 25.10.2018 19:18 Oleg Chuguev Combat Matous Fleet Circle of Hell 25.10.2018 21:15
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