Adam4EVE    Sell price forecast review of 'Sisters Core Probe Launcher' in region 'The Forge'   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 31142

Lockefox of EVE Prosper provides an API endpoint that returns a price forecast of up to 120 days into the future based on the historic regional price data.
Adam4EVE is querying forecast data for 60 days for a few key commodities (mainly PLEX and minerals) in 'The Forge' region on a daily basis automatically. Other regions and commodities are only retrieved, stored and displayed upon a page visitors request.
If requested then A4E archives one forecast per week in order to allow retrospect analysis via this page on the accuracy of the forecast.

Note: EVE Prosper has discontinued its forecast API as of 07.01.2019. Thus no new data is being pulled by A4E.

Forecast selection
Market price vs. forecast of 2017-12-17 Average region sell price in ISK per day
Sisters Core Probe Launcher / The Forge   |   DB: 0.2s, Sys: 0.2s

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