Adam4EVE    Location details for system 'Kari'   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 27784

Universe:New EdenDotlan
Kills/24h0 zKill
Region - Performed trade Metrics of executed trades
Orders Items traded Item types Moved ISK Tash-Murkon
Solar system - Buy and sell order volumes Amount of ISK in orders per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Kari / Tash-Murkon
Solar system - Buy and sell orders Number of orders on market per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Kari / Tash-Murkon
Solar system - Gate jumps per day Amount ships traveling in and out of system
Kari / Tash-Murkon
Solar system - Kills per day Amount of stuff killed in system
Ships Pods NPCs Kari / Tash-Murkon
Solar system - Cost indexes Cost indexes for industry Cost indexes for Kari
Invention Manufacturing Time Eff. Material Eff. Copying Kari / Tash-Murkon
Station market shares
Station name Buy orders Buy volume % Buy vol/order Sell orders Sell volume % Sell vol/order D O
Freeport - Blue Heaven 1 0 0 0 14 66 100 5 Location details Market orders
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