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Pull from CREST
Pulls fresh data for all commodities
in a region. May take several minutes
to complete!
Only active if single region selected.
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calculation disabled
Row limit:25
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Market folders
  Name Sub-folders Commodities
Ammunition & Charges 12 0
Apparel 3 0
Blueprints & Reactions 10 0
Drones 7 0
Implants & Boosters 2 0
Infantry Gear 10 0
Manufacture & Research 3 0
Pilot's Services 3 0
Planetary Infrastructure 2 0
Ship Equipment 12 0
Ship Modifications 2 0
Ship SKINs 12 0
Ships 11 0
Skills 23 0
Special Edition Assets 6 0
Structure Equipment 6 0
Structure Modifications 3 0
Structures 6 0
Trade Goods 18 0
root /
Type categories
Name Groups  
Accessories 8 Chart
Ancient Relics 6 Chart
Apparel 9 Chart
Asteroid 22 Chart
Blueprint 178 Chart
Celestial 12 Chart
Charge 58 Chart
Commodity 39 Chart
Decryptors 6 Chart
Deployable 10 Chart
Drone 7 Chart
Fighter 3 Chart
Implant 21 Chart
Infrastructure Upgrades 3 Chart
Material 12 Chart
Module 144 Chart
Orbitals 1 Chart
Planetary Commodities 4 Chart
Planetary Interaction 9 Chart
Planetary Resources 3 Chart
Reaction 5 Chart
Ship 42 Chart
Skill 23 Chart
Sovereignty Structures 2 Chart
Special Edition Assets 4 Chart
Starbase 26 Chart
Structure 3 Chart
Structure Module 102 Chart
Subsystem 4 Chart
Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings 6 Chart
root /
HELP: How to use the Market Order viewer
If you know what you are searching for and in which location, then using the filters at the top is the easiest and quickest path.
  • Note that the orders are only displayed after you click the "Show orders" button. Otherwise with each selection a lot of (unwanted) order data would be transfered to your browser.
  • Note that next to the "Show orders" button the number of buy or sell orders currently selected are being displayed.
  • Note that within the "Trade object" and "Location" sections you can only combine within a category. Thus you can filter for orders in the systems of Jita and Amarr, but not additionally in the region of Delve.
  • Note aswell the small link "Reset filters" in the title row to get back to the default values.
  • You can easily remove active filters by clicking on the "Prohibited" sign next to them.
  • You can easily show and hide display items by clicking into the link of the respective red or green colored box. This is important if you have hidden the filters selection!
If you are just browsing, then you can use the two hierarchy browsers. One representing the same folder structure as you know from the ingame market browser. The other representing a flatter representation into categories and groups as per CCP datebase export.
  • Note that while you are browsing the appropriate selectors are automatically added to the filter selection. Thus you can always press "Show orders" to see the current selection.
  • Note that you dive down by clicking on the folder name. For the category browser there is also the option to go to the price charts via the chart icon.
  • Unique to the browsers is that if you reach a level with commodities an aggregated view is displayed respecting the filters.

Orders in Citadels are only display if no security filter and no location filter smaller than region has been set. Currently it is only possible to relate a Citadel to a region, not a solar system.

Age of order data
By default all "The Forge" (thus Jita) order data for all commodities are pulled from CREST each hour. For all other regions this occurs once a day.
  • If you select a single region and a single commodity, live data is directly pulled from CREST (15 minute caching)
  • If you select a single region and have the "Pull from CREST" option activated, then all orders in that region are pulled. That might take a minute or two.

Advanced options
Want to link/bookmark a specific order page? Want to hide elements to have it slim in order to see it on a phone? A few options can be controlled directly via the URL:

typeIDCCP typeID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a commodity this type is directly selected.
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&showOrders=true
mgidCCP market group ID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a market group this group is directly selected.
Example: market_orders.php?mgid=83
cidCCP category ID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a category the sub-groups are displayed.
Example: market_orders.php?cid=20
gidCCP group ID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a group an aggregated list of the commodities in this group is displayed.
Example: market_orders.php?gid=738
regionIDCCP regionID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a region only orders within this region are returned.
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000005&showOrders=true
stationIDCCP stationID integerBy passing the CCP ID of a station/citadel only orders within this station are returned.
Example: market_orders.php?stationID=1021159407897&showOrders=true
showOrderstrueOrders are immediately listed
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=22548&showOrders=true
resettrueDeletes all saved filters and sets defaults
Example: market_orders.php?reset=true
buy0=hide, 1=show (default)Show or hide the list of buy orders
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000065&showOrders=true&buy=0
sell0=hide, 1=show (default)Show or hide the list of sell orders
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000065&showOrders=true&sell=0
dgraph0=hide, 1=show (default)Show or hide the depth chart
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000065&showOrders=true&dgraph=0
filter0=hide, 1=show (default)Show or hide the filter selection
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000065&showOrders=true&filter=0
info0=hide, 1=show (default)Show or hide the type informations
Example: market_orders.php?typeID=34&regionID=10000065&showOrders=true&info=0

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