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Are you an author and have used A4E data in a blog post, video or other medium? Or have created a tutorial how to make the best of EVE Online using the tools A4E provides? Or have you come across such a site/medium which is currently not listed here?
Drop me a note in whichever communication channel and I'll add it in the list. Of course I love to read and see what others think of A4E, how they use it and how it can be improved.
Blog posts or other media using A4E data or reporting about the site
Published Type Author Title Description
17.04.2017 Blog post EVE Prosper Aspiring Hari Seldon - Part 3 - Releasing REST Forecasts Article about forecasting EVE Online market prices and A4E using the prototype of the supplied API.
21.03.2017 Blog post INN / Rhivre PLEX Changes Analysis and Issues Using A4E volume history to support that no CSM leak has taken place.
30.08.2017 Blog post EVE Lost and found Market Milestones: A 40b isk Month, Progress Past 600b, and a more interesting Economy Income report with short reference to and screenshot of A4E market trends regarding PLEX prediction.
16.07.2017 Blog post EVE Lost and found How Much Trade can LS/HS Player Hubs Capture? My Test at Owning a Market Hub (pt.2 in my Citadel/EC Series) Piece about market hubs and the hub the author put up himself. Article supported by A4E data and screenshots.
19.06.2017 Blog post EVE Lost and found Statistics on Citadel, EC, and Market Hub Use and Ownership (and a small study) Analysis of the landscape regarding structures using data from CCP and A4E.
15.01.2018 Blog post Kalam Harkair Garðr Víða Article about citadel proliferation highlighting that Perimeter has 44 structures as of writing and only 23 celestials.
17.01.2018 Blog post Kalam Harkair Garðr Víða II Article analyzing the A4E structure data to show the amount of structures deployed by year, type and region and drawing conclusions from this.
25.11.2017 Forum thread EVE Uni / Zoltan Irvam P1 to P3 Factory Planet Guide and discussion on PI factory setups.
30.09.2017 Forum thread EVE-O / CCP Phantom This Week in EVE #171 (23 - 29 September) Link and short description of A4E in the "Guides and community info" section.
06.05.2017 Forum thread EVE-O / Quazar Doosan PI have i got my math right? Advice thread to have PI as a casual passive income source.
05.03.2017 Forum thread EVE-O / KATASKOPOS [Max Profit PI] As Easy as PI: Video How-To on P2 to P4 Chains Someone trying to sell PI HowTos and being put into his place by pointing to free and public guides and tools.
29.11.2017 Forum thread EVE-RU / Mauller [Девблог] Переработка мунмайнинга. Выжимка сути. Discussion about Moon-Mining... as far as I can translate. :-)
28.06.2017 Reddit black_pedro What has happened to plex? Discussion about PLEX being at 1.6B ISK at the time
24.07.2017 Reddit black_pedro Plex by 4 Billion by January or Sooner Discussion about PLEX being on its way to 4B ISK by end of 2017
13.01.2017 Reddit Drakatak [Perimeter and Ashab] MC is now anchoring a fortizar market in Amarr Discussion if the power blocks will look into controlling the player market hubs in HS
07.08.2017 Reddit JeronicaEVE GOONS WIN PBD- IHUB TIMER - PAUSE ALL SOTIYO JOBS IN SYSTEM Thread about the PBD-0G IHUB being conquered and industry jobs pausing
23.06.2017 Video Colonkin Game Eve online. Полезные сайты #1. Производство, торговля, планетарка. Adam4eve для альфа-клона. 20 minute video in russian going through the different sections of A4E at that time and explaining stuff... (I guess, non-russian myself)
25.04.2017 Video Roedyn Eve Online Station Trader 4-25-2017 Regular EVE station trading show, this one time featuring A4E as well starting at 33:24 min.
25.04.2017 Blog post INN / Rhivre March Economic Report Analysis of the March 2017 Eve Online economic report from CCP with additional data been provided from A4Es database.
16.10.2016 Blog post EVEHERMIT Not so deadly Thoughts about the kill rate of structures and POSes kicked of by A4Es structure graphs.
28.01.2018 Video Schnoodlez Industry Update. DEAHTRACE!!!! 2200hrs EVE time. EvE Online Q&A! PI tutorial twitch stream recording. Tutorial starts at about 22 mins and A4E is shown at 01:29h in.
05.04.2018 Video z85tv EVE - Ночной торговец №82 - Анализ спроса и предложения. Сила математики 32 minute video in russian explaining different market mechanics and tools... (I guess, non-russian myself)
07.04.2018 Video z85tv EVE - Ночной торговец №83 - Точная формула распределения Sell и Buy внутри Trade Volume 26 minute video in russian expanding on the previous market video and explaining A4E a bit deeper... (I guess, non-russian myself)
17.11.2018 Video Eve Expert Guides Eve Online - More Station Trading Tips and Tricks 8 Minute video in English about station trading and using A4E margin finder to get suggestions for items to invest in.
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