Adam4EVE    The Forge - MER region statistics   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 16438
This graph shows the history of different metrics for a given region. Except for the import and export m3 volume all other metrics are valued using a universal 30-day moving average or base price where market volume is lacking.

The data shown is from the Monthly Economic Report (MER) provided by CCP Quant via a DevBlog. It contains CSV files which are used here.
Thus data is only as up-to-date as CCP releases these DevBlogs.


Regional stats for 'The Forge' Valued in ISK by 30d price average
ExportsExports (m3)ImportsImports (m3)MiningNPC BountiesDestructionProductionTrade Data provided by CCP Quant / CCP Larrikin

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