Adam4EVE    MER region statistics chart comparison   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 17160
This graph compares a selected MER regional metric between different regions. Except for the import and export m3 volume all other metrics are valued using a universal 30-day moving average or base price where market volume is lacking.
There are two predefined set of regions, but you can select your own regions via the "regions" URL parameter (comma seperated). Complete New Eden has the region ID of -1.

The data shown is from the Monthly Economic Report (MER) provided by CCP Quant via a DevBlog. It contains CSV files which are used here.
Thus data is only as up-to-date as CCP releases these DevBlogs.

Locations: Metric:

Regional comparison for 'Value traded' Valued in ISK by 30d price average
The ForgeHeimatarSinq LaisonMetropolisDomain Data provided by CCP Quant / CCP Larrikin

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