Adam4EVE    Planetary interaction chain   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 16750
Output material Price  
P1 - Basic: Trade hub:
P2 - Refined: Selling to:
P3 - Specialized: Buying from:
P4 - Advanced: Price value:
Set default values
Customs tax%
Market tax%
Warning: This will overwrite all custom set values in the flow diagram!
  • P0 export and import customs are not used in chain calc
  • The import P(x) and export P(x+1) are the same customs office!
  • There are lots of tools out there to see which P0 can be found on which planet
  • Tool tips everywhere... mouse-over stuff for help/info/formula
  • Prices of selected hub were last updated (GMT/EVE time): 18.07.2024 01:37
  • Which PI chain is most profitable? See list here...
Help video
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