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The following (by default pre-filtered!) list and graphs shows structures as being reported by CCPs ESI interface. This covers all structures that allow public access and thus are visible in-game in the structure browser. Any private structures are not listed here, since they are not included in the provided data.
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Structures with public access (as per ESI; has market)
Region System Sec Type Group Name Mkt Jmps First seen
Immensea 4-GB14 -0,3 Keepstar Citadel Phoenix Sky Harbor Yes n/a 11.11.2017
Heimatar Abudban 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex ☼Rens Oasis 0.2% Market/Labs/MFG Yes n/a 08.01.2017
Everyshore Aclan 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Astraios Yes n/a 21.07.2017
Essence Actee 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Shockwave Freeport Yes n/a 08.12.2016
Tash-Murkon Adar 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport 1 - Read Description Yes n/a 12.02.2017
Genesis Agal 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Z3r0 Gravity Yes n/a 27.07.2017
Black Rise Ahtila 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex ResturantAtTheEndOfTheUniverse Yes n/a 28.01.2017
The Forge Ahtulaima 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Market Garden Yes n/a 06.06.2017
Lonetrek Aivoli 0,6 Fortizar Citadel LASMA Trade Hub Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Domain Akhragan 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Marketplace Yes n/a 22.02.2017
Black Rise Akidagi 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Outpost #1 Yes n/a 29.12.2016
Placid Alamel 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Trader's Hub Yes n/a 25.08.2017
Metropolis Aldrat 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex LOW TAX Market Manufacture Yes n/a 10.09.2017
Essence Allamotte 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Shadow Sword Manufacturing Yes n/a 14.05.2017
Tash-Murkon Alra 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Market Service Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Altrinur 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex ArrowStar Industrial Market. Yes n/a 16.12.2016
Heimatar Amamake 0,4 Fortizar Citadel TradeHub - Police Donut Exchange Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Everyshore Angymonne 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex AF Market Yes n/a 12.09.2017
Everyshore Angymonne 0,6 Fortizar Citadel ✦ Blue Hub Market ✦ only 0.9% ! Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Citadel Annaro 0,8 Fortizar Citadel AACU Trade Yes n/a 07.04.2017
Genesis Anyed 0,6 Fortizar Citadel yousei teikoku Yes n/a 02.07.2017
Essence Arnon 0,6 Tatara Refinery OUTLET OF THE CAPSULEER Yes n/a 23.11.2017
Domain Ashab 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Convenient trades Yes n/a 15.05.2017
Domain Ashab 0,9 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Port Royal - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 28.03.2017
Everyshore Atlanins 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Prometheus (Mkt,Ind,Process) Yes n/a 06.02.2017
Tash-Murkon Atoosh 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex C-Mining centre Yes n/a 17.10.2017
Heimatar Auga 0,4 Fortizar Citadel SWEGtropolis Yes n/a 26.06.2017
Lonetrek Aunenen 0,4 Keepstar Citadel Waypoint Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Bleak Lands Ayeroilen 0,4 Azbel Engineering Complex DAS Plant Yes n/a 03.04.2017
Domain Bagodan 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex ♕ Market & Structure Plant Yes n/a 20.01.2017
Sinq Laison Balle 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex UUNI Shemya Station Yes n/a 15.08.2017
Derelik Bar 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Mos Eisley Cantina Yes n/a 09.04.2017
Domain Bashakru 0,6 Fortizar Citadel House of Carrikk Trade Hub Yes n/a 21.11.2017
Metropolis Bei 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Toys-R-Us Yes n/a 30.06.2017
Khanid Bomana 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Shangri-La Trade Hub Yes n/a 18.10.2017
Sinq Laison Botane 0,9 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Barataria Bay - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 26.10.2017
Sinq Laison Botane 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex IChooseYou Market Yes n/a 24.04.2017
Domain Cailanar 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Market Place Yes n/a 09.08.2017
Everyshore Carirgnottin 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Trade Hub Yes n/a 03.08.2017
Kor-Azor Chaktaren 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Royal Family's Home Yes n/a 22.11.2016
Kador Chanoun 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex ☢-Factory/Research & Trade Hub Yes n/a 22.02.2017
Verge Vendor Chantrousse 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Vulcans Forge Yes n/a 14.12.2016
Sinq Laison Chelien 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Market Hub Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Kador Dantan 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex LV-223 Yes n/a 01.06.2017
Devoid Dital 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Spectre Fleet Assbell Yes n/a 25.03.2017
Genesis Doza 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport and Market Yes n/a 21.09.2017
Kador Dresi 0,6 Fortizar Citadel TPI Trade Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Earled 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Home Sweet Home - 0.4% Taxes Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Elgoi 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex The Dirty Clam II Yes n/a 20.06.2017
Metropolis Eram 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Tradestation Babylon 9 Yes n/a 08.07.2017
Metropolis Erlendur 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Midaeum Yes n/a 30.03.2017
Heimatar Eystur 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex House of pray Yes n/a 16.06.2017
Heimatar Eystur 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex INDEPENDENCE Factory Outlet Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Domain Fahruni 0,5 Fortizar Citadel SECSI Deep Space K-7 Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Finanar 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex X - Moon 15 - Minmatar Mining Co Yes n/a 18.11.2017
Heimatar Frarn 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Imp Market Clo Yes n/a 21.05.2017
Heimatar Frarn 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Jupp Market Bluepr. Ref. Res. Yes n/a 11.03.2017
Kador Gamdis 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex 3rd Base Yes n/a 22.04.2017
Metropolis Gedugaud 0,7 Fortizar Citadel KYNE Market Yes n/a 10.04.2017
Genesis Girani-Fa 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Skookum Fabricobbler - Market Yes n/a 31.10.2017
Genesis Hadji 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Yggdrasil Yes n/a 09.03.2017
Lonetrek Hageken 0,6 Fortizar Citadel BloodStar Emporium Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Citadel Hatakani 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Research and Invention Center Yes n/a 19.07.2017
Domain Hedion 1,0 Azbel Engineering Complex Joint-Ops Capitalist Emporium Yes n/a 22.07.2017
Black Rise Hikkoken 0,3 Fortizar Citadel Mr Kim's Thai Food Yes n/a 15.10.2017
Tash-Murkon Hilaban 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex BAR -The Merry widow Yes n/a 14.08.2017
Kador Hilmar 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Orion Yes n/a 15.07.2017
Metropolis Hjortur 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Industries Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Forge Ikami 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex KAMCHATKA Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Tash-Murkon Ilas 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Home Sweet Home Yes n/a 21.02.2017
Genesis Imya 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Foundry Market Yes n/a 23.04.2017
The Forge Inaya 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Nomisma Yes n/a 31.08.2017
Essence Indregulle 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Fortygay Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Domain Irnin 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Advanced Industrial Facility Yes n/a 16.02.2017
Domain Irnin 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex DDOGS Moe's Place 01 Broker Fee Yes n/a 03.10.2017
Sinq Laison Iyen-Oursta 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Regional Trade Hub Yes n/a 08.05.2017
The Forge Jakanerva 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex HUB Yes n/a 29.04.2017
The Bleak Lands Jarkkolen 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Lu-Lu 72.4% refine Yes n/a 18.12.2016
The Citadel Jeras 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Trade Hub Yes n/a 10.10.2017
Domain Jerma 0,5 Fortizar Citadel BHMC DUTY FREE MARKET Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Everyshore Junsoraert 0,5 Fortizar Citadel AF Market Fortizar Yes n/a 17.06.2017
The Bleak Lands Kamela 0,4 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport Lovich Yes n/a 27.06.2017
The Citadel Kamio 0,7 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Yeti Outfitters - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 20.07.2017
Tash-Murkon Kari 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Freeport - Blue Heaven Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport - Cash and Carry Yes n/a 24.10.2017
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Fortizar Citadel MARKET AND CLONE FREEPORT Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Fortizar Citadel I - HEDWAY Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Genesis Kemerk 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Occum Freeport Yes n/a 24.04.2017
Genesis Kobam 0,5 Fortizar Citadel GFL Trading Station Yes n/a 29.04.2017
Kador Kothe 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Hub 1%bf & Factory Yes n/a 02.01.2017
Heimatar Larkugei 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex AZBEL Yes n/a 10.09.2017
Domain Lashkai 0,9 Fortizar Citadel M1 - Fenway Plant Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Lirerim 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Mining-Guild Trade Station Yes n/a 27.09.2017
Lonetrek Liukikka 0,6 Fortizar Citadel 5th Freeport BUYMORE Market Yes n/a 29.04.2017
Tash-Murkon Lossa 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex SU-901 Industry and Trade Hub Yes n/a 18.08.2017
Genesis Manatirid 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Booty Bay Yes n/a 15.09.2017
Everyshore Marosier 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Ice Trade Facilities Yes n/a 11.08.2017
Verge Vendor Masalle 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Trewissick Yes n/a 05.03.2017
Devoid Mehatoor 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Stock Exchange Yes n/a 10.09.2017
Essence Mesybier 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Low Tax - Outer Heaven Yes n/a 20.05.2017
Essence Mies 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex AF Market Azbel Yes n/a 19.08.2017
Kor-Azor Mora 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Is nog n dag Yes n/a 03.07.2017
Domain Murzi 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Vokan Factory Yes n/a 19.08.2017
The Citadel Muvolailen 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Assailable Wealth - Min Tax Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Bleak Lands Myyhera 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Border Resupply Depot Yes n/a 13.06.2017
Great Wildlands N-6Z8B -0,1 Azbel Engineering Complex Alpha Paradiso Free Trade Zone Yes n/a 13.08.2017
Kor-Azor Nare 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Marketplace Yes n/a 05.11.2017
The Forge New Caldari 1,0 Azbel Engineering Complex 0 tax Market Yes n/a 07.11.2017
The Forge New Caldari 1,0 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Yeti Creations - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 04.12.2016
Domain Niarja 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Sayashiva Yes n/a 04.11.2017
Domain Niarja 0,5 Fortizar Citadel X - DTC Trade Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Kador Nidupad 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Provincia Plaza Yes n/a 24.04.2017
Kor-Azor Nishah 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Freeport Market [0.1%] Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Lonetrek Nourvukaiken 0,8 Fortizar Citadel The Thrift Shop Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Everyshore Odixie 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Smugglers Run Cantina Yes n/a 18.01.2017
Solitude Oerse 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Strawberry Fields CLOSES DEC 1 Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Lonetrek Oishami 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex The mountain low tax Yes n/a 30.07.2017
Black Rise Onnamon 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Black Rise SHopING CenteR Yes n/a 16.01.2017
Metropolis Oppold 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Frontier MARKET Mfg amd Research Yes n/a 12.07.2017
Kor-Azor Ordion 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex D - Market and Industry - 1529 Yes n/a 26.10.2017
Placid Orvolle 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Pathetic Dirty Pirate Port Yes n/a 06.08.2017
Placid Orvolle 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Point Five Market and Cloning Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Khanid Osis 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Northern's Brothel Yes n/a 28.11.2016
The Forge Osmon 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Market Research and Cloning Yes n/a 04.01.2017
Placid Ostingele 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Wrong Fortizar Yes n/a 30.08.2017
The Forge Otela 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Freeport And Black Market Yes n/a 18.10.2017
Genesis Ourapheh 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex ENLLC Trade Yes n/a 21.12.2016
Heimatar Pator 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Tribal Hub Yes n/a 16.03.2017
Essence Perckhevin 0,5 Fortizar Citadel 25 belts come mine Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Sotiyo Engineering Complex - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market Yes n/a 16.09.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel - IChooseYou Trade Hub Yes n/a 13.01.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Duo Market Yes n/a 26.11.2016
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Tatara Refinery IChooseYou Tatara Max Reprocess Yes n/a 08.11.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Safe Trade Hub - Panfam Secured Yes n/a 24.08.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel ♔ Planet V ☣Panfam Secured Hub☣ Yes n/a 06.01.2017
Sinq Laison Pettinck 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Market and Trading Post Vingilot Yes n/a 06.03.2017
Lonetrek Piekura 0,5 Fortizar Citadel TM Stocklot Center - Public Yes n/a 08.10.2017
Tash-Murkon Rand 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Merchant - Bank Yes n/a 28.06.2017
Black Rise Rohamaa 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Apogee HQ - Public 1% Yes n/a 07.12.2016
Stain RPS-0K -0,2 Fortizar Citadel BaseStar Yes n/a 18.01.2017
Domain Sadye 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Refinery, Manufacturing & Market Yes n/a 06.03.2017
Derelik Sasta 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex 'Ejaculate N Evacuate Trade Depo Yes n/a 17.06.2017
Verge Vendor Scolluzer 0,8 Fortizar Citadel 0.2% Ancbeu Bazaar Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Domain Sharhelund 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Blips N Chitz Yes n/a 30.09.2017
Domain Sharhelund 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Los Pollos Hermanos Yes n/a 21.06.2017
Derelik Shedoo 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Walmart, Albany NY Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Genesis Simela 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex N-Kon Construction Yards Yes n/a 11.04.2017
Domain Sirkahri 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Omen Consortium Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Tash-Murkon Sizamod 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Corner Pocket Market Yes n/a 18.04.2017
Lonetrek Sobaseki 0,8 Sotiyo Engineering Complex - IChooseYou Market Yes n/a 18.08.2017
Genesis Sosh 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Zip It Yes n/a 15.05.2017
Placid Stacmon 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Casa Labonita Yes n/a 31.08.2017
Placid Stacmon 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Point 4 Market and Cloning Yes n/a 04.01.2017
Sinq Laison Stegette 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex MARKET MFG RESEARCH INVENTION Yes n/a 01.05.2017
The Citadel Sujarento 0,3 Fortizar Citadel PEN IS Emporium and Hookah Bar Yes n/a 21.03.2017
Derelik Tanoo 0,9 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Prime Yes n/a 21.10.2017
Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex 1HEART Low Tax Trade Hub 1HEART Yes n/a 02.02.2017
Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Qing Market Yes n/a 05.09.2017
Tash-Murkon Tendhyes 0,6 Fortizar Citadel **Motel 666** Ref/Man/Res/Clone Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Molden Heath Teonusude 0,6 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Leviathan Yes n/a 13.01.2017
Lonetrek Torrinos 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Leonis I - NeXus Market Yes n/a 27.08.2017
Metropolis Tratokard 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex 5M Trade - Manufacturing Yes n/a 02.11.2017
The Forge Tuuriainas 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Terrapin Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Forge Uchoshi 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex FREGE Market Yes n/a 17.10.2017
Everyshore Uphene 0,6 Fortizar Citadel EVERYSHORE INDUSTRIAL CENTER Yes n/a 06.02.2017
Essence Villore 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Shadow Sword Emporium Yes n/a 03.09.2017
Heimatar Vullat 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Unfallen Bulbitian Yes n/a 05.02.2017
The Forge Wuos 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Asgard Yes n/a 29.07.2017
The Forge Wuos 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Epic Ore Reprocessing Yes n/a 05.08.2017
Tash-Murkon Yeder 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Fuzzi Ballz M & R Yes n/a 12.01.2017
Tash-Murkon Yeder 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Fuzzi Ballz Quickie Mart Yes n/a 22.04.2017
Genesis Yulai 1,0 Fortizar Citadel USGC Public Market Yes n/a 30.12.2016
Kador Zimse 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Bay of Dragons Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Count per structure group Amount of structures per group as per ESI
TotalCitadelEngineering ComplexRefinery  

Count of Citadels Amount of Citadel types as per ESI
TotalAstrahusFortizarKeepstarUpwell Palatine Keepstar  

Count of Engineering Complexes Amount of EC types as per ESI

Citadels per security sector Amount of Citadels in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

Engineering complexes per security sector Amount of ECs in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

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