Adam4EVE    Structure statistics   v0.0.13
CREST available ESI available TQ: 22317

The following (by default pre-filtered!) list and graphs shows structures as being reported by CCPs ESI interface. This covers all structures that allow public access and thus are visible in-game in the structure browser. Any private structures are not listed here, since they are not included in the provided data.
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Structures with public access (as per ESI; has market)
Region System Sec Type Group Name Mkt Jmps First seen
Esoteria 0-O6XF -0,6 #System #System Rollo and Yuri's bar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Impass 01TG-J -0,2 #System #System Walka Central Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Malpais 06-70G -0,6 #System #System Atlantis Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein 0V0R-R -0,6 #System #System Emily's Hello Kitty Palace Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Oasa 1-BK1Q -0,6 #System #System Kyodai Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tribute 15W-GC -0,3 #System #System luci's Loveshack Yes n/a 27.01.2018
Providence 18-GZM -0,1 Azbel Engineering Complex Sten's Glorious Box factory Yes n/a 26.01.2017
Delve 1DQ1-A -0,4 #System #System #% Thetastar of David %# Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Wicked Creek 1L-OEK -0,7 #System #System Friends For Ever Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Vale of the Silent 1W-0KS -0,1 #System #System GOLDEN MARKET Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Perrigen Falls 2-YO2K -0,2 #System #System Rostov Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein 2O9G-D -0,8 #System #System Curlee's Crib Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Syndicate 2Q-I6Q -0,1 #System #System The Hollow Yes n/a 06.01.2018
Malpais 2XI8-Y -0,9 #System #System Tim Hortons Coffee Shop Yes n/a 30.12.2017
Delve 31X-RE -0,4 #System #System Frosthammer Retirement Home Yes n/a 09.01.2018
Stain 37S-KO 0,0 Keepstar Citadel The Trade Nexus Yes n/a 19.08.2017
Providence 3D-CQU -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Caldari State Police HQ Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Deklein 3JN9-Q -0,5 #System #System One Stop Reactions Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence 3KB-J0 -0,1 #System #System ] Cynosural Edge is recruiting [ Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Paragon Soul 3PPT-9 0,0 #System #System Babylon 5 Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein 3T7-M8 -0,6 #System #System Amy's Domain Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Pure Blind 3V8-LJ -0,2 #System #System Home Sweet Home Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fountain 3ZTV-V -0,3 #System #System Lady Luck Yes n/a 10.01.2018
Immensea 4-GB14 -0,3 Keepstar Citadel Phoenix Sky Harbor Yes n/a 11.11.2017
Querious 49-U6U -0,6 Fortizar Citadel PhoPho Yes n/a 05.02.2017
Providence 4B-NQN -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Cea Barr's Provi Bazaar Yes n/a 20.11.2016
Delve 5-CQDA -0,5 #System #System Maximus Keepus Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Branch 52G-NZ -0,8 #System #System 2GTHR Assembly Line Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cobalt Edge 5ED-4E -0,9 #System #System AS-2016 Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence 6-OQJV -0,2 #System #System HUSARION FACTORY Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Impass 68FT-6 -0,2 #System #System Avend's equally huge Testiculare Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Malpais 6A-FUY -0,2 #System #System WEYLAND TRADE Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Impass 6E-MOW -0,3 #System #System The Doobizar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve 7-K6UE -0,8 #System #System New Finland Yes n/a 27.12.2017
Delve 7G-QIG -0,7 #System #System TOO FAT TO FAIL Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Perrigen Falls 7JRA-G -0,7 #System #System o-u Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Pure Blind 7RM-N0 -0,1 #System #System B L I N D S T A R Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve 7UTB-F -0,9 #System #System ## Bastion ## Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Pure Blind 7X-VKB -0,1 #System #System BEEKEEPER ACADEMY Yes n/a 22.01.2018
Providence 8B-VLX -0,1 #System #System Alpha Cygni Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence 8P9-BM -0,1 #System #System Empress Jamyl's Emporium Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve 8RQJ-2 -0,6 #System #System Wibla's temple of SHOOTBLUES Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein 8S28-3 -0,7 #System #System The Dankstar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cloud Ring 9-4RP2 -0,2 #System #System align fortizzzzzzare Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cloud Ring 9-4RP2 -0,2 #System #System F R E A N C H S T A R Yes n/a 28.12.2017
Fountain 9DQW-W -0,8 #System #System Fountain Central Market Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cobalt Edge A-0IIQ -0,4 #System #System Blood Raider Temple Yes n/a 07.01.2018
Branch A-G1FM -0,4 #System #System Dango Chaya III Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Insmother A24L-V -0,5 #System #System The Vanguard Voidizar Yes n/a 01.02.2018
Lonetrek Aakari 0,7 Tatara Refinery IMPEA Market and Refinery Yes n/a 07.01.2018
Tash-Murkon Abai 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex DEUS - PORT ROYAL Yes n/a 27.12.2017
Heimatar Abudban 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex 06 Engineering Den Yes n/a 05.02.2018
Heimatar Abudban 0,7 Fortizar Citadel GREASY THUMB HUB/MGF/REF/INV/CLO Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Heimatar Abudban 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex ☼Rens Oasis 0.2% Market/Labs/MFG Yes n/a 08.01.2017
Everyshore Aclan 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Astraios Yes n/a 21.07.2017
Essence Actee 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Shockwave Freeport Yes n/a 08.12.2016
Sinq Laison Adiere 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Hashimoto Industries Yes n/a 12.11.2017
Essence Aeschee 0,2 #System #System All hail King Waylo Yes n/a 02.01.2018
Domain Afivad 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex AI HOME OF INDUSTRY Yes n/a 10.05.2017
Genesis Agal 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Z3r0 Gravity Yes n/a 27.07.2017
Black Rise Ahtila 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex War Coming - Evacuate Yes n/a 28.01.2017
The Forge Ahtulaima 0,6 #System #System psax panama Yes n/a 20.12.2017
The Forge Ahtulaima 0,6 #System #System qoou's Fortizar Yes n/a 20.12.2017
Black Rise Akidagi 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Outpost #1 Yes n/a 29.12.2016
Sinq Laison Ala 0,5 Fortizar Citadel K6 Market, R&D, Manu, Clone @2% Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Placid Alamel 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Trader's Hub Yes n/a 25.08.2017
Verge Vendor Alentene 0,9 Fortizar Citadel HL-I Base Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Placid Algasienan 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Cookies ★ Factory ★ Market ★ R&D Yes n/a 12.12.2016
Essence Algogille 0,9 Tatara Refinery 55 Percent Ice and Ore - 1pc Tax Yes n/a 30.01.2018
Essence Algogille 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Six Degrees of Freedom™∞ Yes n/a 11.01.2017
Essence Algogille 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Tasty-market Yes n/a 10.12.2017
Tash-Murkon Alra 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Market Service Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Altrinur 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Azbel Yes n/a 16.12.2016
Heimatar Amamake 0,4 Fortizar Citadel TradeHub - Police Donut Exchange Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Verge Vendor Amygnon 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Rivet City Yes n/a 02.05.2017
Everyshore Angymonne 0,6 Tatara Refinery Refinery and Market Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Genesis Anyed 0,6 Fortizar Citadel yousei teikoku Yes n/a 02.07.2017
Sinq Laison Archee 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Waypoint Station Yes n/a 30.12.2017
Sinq Laison Ardene 0,6 Fortizar Citadel MAGIC Freeport Yes n/a 02.01.2017
Domain Arera 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex AP3X Refining and Manufacturing Yes n/a 18.01.2018
Derelik Arnola 0,5 Fortizar Citadel SunSpot Trading Yes n/a 06.06.2017
Black Rise Asakai 0,3 Fortizar Citadel Fortress Yes n/a 02.01.2017
Domain Ashab 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex VI Mercantile Exchange Yes n/a 13.02.2018
Domain Ashab 0,9 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Port Royal - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 28.03.2017
Derelik Assah 0,3 #System #System Fightertown USA Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Sinq Laison Atier 0,6 Fortizar Citadel The Corner Store Yes n/a 21.12.2016
Everyshore Atlanins 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Prometheus (Mkt,Ind,Process) Yes n/a 06.02.2017
Sinq Laison Aufay 0,5 Tatara Refinery Free Moon Mining Yes n/a 14.02.2018
Heimatar Auga 0,4 Fortizar Citadel SWEGtropolis Yes n/a 26.06.2017
Lonetrek Aunenen 0,4 Keepstar Citadel Waypoint Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Everyshore Aydoteaux 0,7 Fortizar Citadel 1 Cheap Shop Market Low Tax Yes n/a 21.09.2017
Everyshore Azer 0,7 Fortizar Citadel YOUR EVERYSHORE Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Querious B-7DFU -1,0 #System #System SHCK - HQ Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Perrigen Falls B-7LYC -0,2 #System #System MEGAMARKET P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S Yes n/a 21.01.2018
Pure Blind B-9C24 -0,1 #System #System BAEWATCH Montreal Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cache B-T6BT -0,9 #System #System Coffee House Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence B-WPLZ -0,2 Fortizar Citadel Adversity Yes n/a 07.04.2017
Sinq Laison Balle 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex UUNI Shemya Station Yes n/a 15.08.2017
Derelik Bar 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Mos Eisley Cantina Yes n/a 09.04.2017
Sinq Laison Basgerin 0,4 Sotiyo Engineering Complex EVE Mogul War Forge Yes n/a 18.12.2016
Sinq Laison Basgerin 0,4 Keepstar Citadel Vatican Freeport Popestar Yes n/a 22.11.2016
Domain Bashakru 0,6 Fortizar Citadel House of Carrikk Trade Hub Yes n/a 21.11.2017
Metropolis Bei 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Toys-R-Us Yes n/a 30.06.2017
Branch BKG-Q2 -0,7 #System #System A PvP'ing Frame of Mind Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Etherium Reach BNX-AS -0,4 #System #System StarHouse Yes n/a 10.01.2018
Khanid Bomana 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Shangri-La Trade Hub Yes n/a 18.10.2017
Sinq Laison Botane 0,9 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Barataria Bay - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 26.10.2017
Solitude Boystin 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Gravity Well Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Geminate BWF-ZZ -0,6 #System #System DICHSTAR Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fountain BYXF-Q -0,2 #System #System The Eastern Watches Yes n/a 15.01.2018
The Spire C-BHDN -0,4 #System #System $HOME Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fade C4C-Z4 -0,4 #System #System B E A N S T A R Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Derelik Camal 0,2 #System #System Toe Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Everyshore Carirgnottin 0,6 Fortizar Citadel TradeHub low TAX for all Service Yes n/a 03.08.2017
Sinq Laison Carrou 0,4 #System #System Pegasus Yes n/a 16.01.2018
Sinq Laison Carrou 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Waypoint Station Yes n/a 05.01.2018
Essence Cat 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Wolf's Forge Yes n/a 04.02.2018
Catch CB4-Q2 -0,2 Fortizar Citadel Volt Radio's Redemption Yes n/a 18.01.2017
Deklein CCP-US -0,9 #System #System We Live Here Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Kor-Azor Chaktaren 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Royal Family's Home Yes n/a 22.11.2016
Khanid Chamemi 0,4 Azbel Engineering Complex High Guard Trade Center Yes n/a 03.10.2017
Kador Chanoun 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex ☢-Factory/Research & Trade Hub Yes n/a 22.02.2017
Verge Vendor Chantrousse 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Vulcans Forge Yes n/a 14.12.2016
Sinq Laison Chelien 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Market Hub Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Sinq Laison Colelie 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex In Rust we Trust Yes n/a 11.11.2017
Pure Blind CR-AQH -0,3 #System #System Acropolis Steakhouse Yes n/a 16.02.2018
Insmother CR2-PQ -0,5 #System #System XUTOROK Yes n/a 09.01.2018
Cloud Ring CX7-70 0,0 #System #System Entropy's House of Ill-Repute Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Etherium Reach D-IZT9 -0,7 #System #System Above and Beyond Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Esoteria D-PNP9 -0,6 #System #System D-Pyongyang Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve D-W7F0 -0,1 #System #System #% Gaarastar %# Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Sinq Laison Decon 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Waypoint Station Yes n/a 01.01.2018
Sinq Laison Deltole 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex OSC Public Market Yes n/a 06.11.2017
Devoid Dital 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Spectre Fleet Assbell Yes n/a 25.03.2017
Pure Blind DK-FXK -0,1 #System #System Ormehullet Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fade DO6H-Q -0,3 #System #System Moon 4 Yes n/a 31.01.2018
Genesis Dom-Aphis 0,4 #System #System Requiem Yes n/a 29.12.2017
Genesis Doza 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport and Market Yes n/a 21.09.2017
Providence DP-JD4 -0,1 #System #System Fleet Battle Station Gemini Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Kador Dresi 0,6 Fortizar Citadel TPI Trade Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Esoteria DTX8-M -0,3 #System #System TEST COMMAND - Order 66 Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Sinq Laison Du Annes 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Market and Manufacturing Center Yes n/a 17.12.2017
Heimatar Dumkirinur 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Red Planet Manufacturing Yes n/a 11.09.2017
Sinq Laison Dunraelare 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex HDDR Main Hub Yes n/a 04.01.2018
Deklein E-FIC0 -0,7 #System #System Canfars Unwanted Sexual Advances Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein E-FIC0 -0,7 #System #System The Higher Porpoise Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cobalt Edge E0DR-G -0,5 #System #System InPanic Alliance Market Yes n/a 24.01.2018
Cobalt Edge E0DR-G -0,5 #System #System Rise of the Unicorns Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Detorid E51-JE -0,3 #System #System B.R.O Base Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Metropolis Earled 0,8 Fortizar Citadel RD Shipyard Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Perrigen Falls EH2I-P -0,4 #System #System Suntory Hibiki Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Citadel Eitu 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex House of Carrikk Trade Hub Yes n/a 21.04.2017
Metropolis Elgoi 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex The Dirty Clam II Yes n/a 20.06.2017
Genesis Emsar 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Research Shrine Yes n/a 13.12.2016
Metropolis Eram 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Tradestation Babylon 9 Yes n/a 08.07.2017
Metropolis Erlendur 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Midaeum Yes n/a 30.03.2017
Curse ES-UWY -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Free Port Yes n/a 13.05.2017
The Forge Eskunen 0,6 #System #System Market at the Sun Yes n/a 13.02.2018
Everyshore Ethernity 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Eden Prime Yes n/a 29.12.2017
Metropolis Eygfe 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Vasilisk Yes n/a 20.10.2017
Heimatar Eystur 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex INDEPENDENCE Factory Outlet Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Querious F-NXLQ -0,8 #System #System Babylon 5-Bil Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Querious F-NXLQ -0,8 #System #System La Casa de BREVE Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Wicked Creek F-QQ5N -0,7 #System #System Panda Forge Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence F-YH5B -0,1 #System #System G0at H0use Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Catch F4R2-Q -0,2 #System #System Tactical Voltage Yes n/a 30.12.2017
Stain F9SX-1 0,0 #System #System QUASAROVEC Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Kalevala Expanse FB5U-I -0,3 #System #System Stronghold Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Metropolis Finanar 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Asterholes' Lotax Market Yes n/a 18.11.2017
Essence Fliet 0,3 #System #System Ticonderoga Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve FM-JK5 -0,2 #System #System BWTF HOUSE OF DOOM Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Detorid FR46-E -0,3 #System #System Sing Hua Capital Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Heimatar Frarn 0,8 Fortizar Citadel ☆ IChooseYou Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Heimatar Frarn 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Imp Market Clo Yes n/a 21.05.2017
Heimatar Frarn 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Jupp Market Bluepr. Ref. Res. Yes n/a 11.03.2017
The Forge Friggi 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex MARKET girs beer vodka Yes n/a 13.11.2017
Cobalt Edge FV1-RQ -0,1 #System #System ACOLON's Outpost Yes n/a 07.02.2018
Curse G-0Q86 0,0 #System #System Kübelialp Yes n/a 24.01.2017
Outer Passage GA58-7 -0,7 #System #System SF. Да будет свет! Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Domain Galeh 0,4 Fortizar Citadel FREEPORT and Market Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Kador Gamdis 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Dodgy Daves Yes n/a 22.04.2017
Derelik Gamis 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Falcon's Roost Market Yes n/a 01.09.2017
Catch GE-8JV -0,2 Fortizar Citadel BROADCAST4REPS Yes n/a 29.04.2017
Metropolis Gedugaud 0,7 Fortizar Citadel KYNE Market Yes n/a 10.04.2017
Great Wildlands GF-3FL -0,4 #System #System It's not racist if it's true Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tash-Murkon Ghishul 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Coalition of Independent Miners Yes n/a 27.11.2016
Everyshore Gicodel 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Feanor's water hole Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Genesis Girani-Fa 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex TCI - Market Yes n/a 31.10.2017
Immensea GM-0K7 -0,4 #System #System Nothing Interesting Here Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence H9-J8N -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Gem's Marvels & Rubies 1%Market Yes n/a 22.11.2016
Genesis Hadji 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Yggdrasil Yes n/a 09.03.2017
The Bleak Lands Haras 0,3 Azbel Engineering Complex Star Forge Yes n/a 13.01.2018
The Citadel Hatakani 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Research and Invention Center Yes n/a 19.07.2017
Metropolis Hek 0,5 Fortizar Citadel IChooseYou Trade Hub Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Metropolis Hek 0,5 Tatara Refinery Moon 12 - Best Refine in the Yes n/a 31.12.2017
Genesis Heorah 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Regional Market Yes n/a 22.01.2018
Black Rise Hikkoken 0,3 Fortizar Citadel Mr Kim's Thai Food Yes n/a 15.10.2017
Kador Hilmar 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Orion Yes n/a 15.07.2017
Period Basis HIX4-H -0,4 #System #System Redstar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Metropolis Hjortur 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Industries Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Tash-Murkon Hoona 0,5 Sotiyo Engineering Complex DAI-Headquarters Yes n/a 31.12.2017
The Kalevala Expanse HVGR-R -0,6 #System #System Business Center - GemiCo Access Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve HZAQ-W -0,6 #System #System BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO! Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cache I-2705 -0,1 #System #System Monkey Enclosure Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence I-MGAB -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Star Nation Asylum Yes n/a 27.12.2016
Deklein I30-3A -0,8 #System #System Fort Liberate Yes n/a 11.02.2018
Essence Ignebaener 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Obroa Skai Yes n/a 01.01.2018
The Forge Ikami 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex KAMCHATKA Yes n/a 24.03.2017
Genesis Imya 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Foundry Market Yes n/a 23.04.2017
Essence Indregulle 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Fortygay Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Sinq Laison Inghenges 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex 2 FarOut Mart Yes n/a 07.07.2017
Esoteria IPX-H5 -0,9 #System #System Machiavellian HQ Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Domain Irnin 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Advanced Industry and Market Yes n/a 16.02.2017
The Citadel Isenairos 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Market Hub Yes n/a 05.10.2017
Lonetrek Isikano 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Blackwing Trade Hub Yes n/a 04.07.2017
Cache IVP-KA -0,1 #System #System DSQ Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Sinq Laison Iyen-Oursta 0,8 Fortizar Citadel Regional Trade Hub Yes n/a 08.05.2017
Delve J-LPX7 -0,7 #System #System BIA Factory Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Insmother J-ZYSZ -0,5 #System #System BIG MEATY CLAWS Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fountain J5A-IX 0,0 #System #System Cheapstar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fountain J5A-IX 0,0 #System #System The Player of Games Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Branch J7YR-1 -0,3 #System #System Novosibirsk Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Forge Jakanerva 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex HUB Yes n/a 29.04.2017
Providence JEIV-E -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Argus Phalanx Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Citadel Jeras 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Trade Hub Yes n/a 10.10.2017
Domain Jerma 0,5 Fortizar Citadel BHMC DUTY FREE MARKET Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Lonetrek Jotenen 0,6 Tatara Refinery HC - Public Market and Refinery Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein JU-OWQ -0,8 #System #System Maple Stackhouse Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Verge Vendor Jufvitte 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Fort Glorty Market -Refine T1rig Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Delve K-6K16 -0,4 #System #System Imperial Unity Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Kalevala Expanse K76A-3 -0,8 #System #System Las Vegas Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Lonetrek Kakakela 1,0 Azbel Engineering Complex ♔ 0.1% Trade & 52% Refine ♔ Yes n/a 31.01.2017
The Bleak Lands Kamela 0,4 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport Lovich Yes n/a 27.06.2017
The Citadel Kamio 0,7 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Yeti Outfitters - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 20.07.2017
Tash-Murkon Kari 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Freeport - Blue Heaven Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Freeport - Cash and Carry Yes n/a 24.10.2017
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Fortizar Citadel MARKET AND CLONE FREEPORT Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Khanid Keberz 0,5 Fortizar Citadel I - HEDWAY Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Oasa KH-EWC -0,1 #System #System M-R-G Trade Yes n/a 11.01.2018
Lonetrek Kino 0,7 Fortizar Citadel GNOOZE Market Citadel Yes n/a 29.01.2018
Lonetrek Kiskoken 0,5 #System #System II - Sanctuary Manufacturing Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Genesis Kobam 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Covert Inventions Yes n/a 29.04.2017
Kador Kothe 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Hub 1%bf & Factory Yes n/a 02.01.2017
Fountain KVN-36 -0,4 #System #System THE ECHRESTAR Yes n/a 06.02.2018
Detorid KZ9T-C -0,8 #System #System PANDA arrived Yes n/a 13.02.2018
Tribute L-VXTK -0,3 #System #System Khazad-dûm Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tribute L-VXTK -0,3 #System #System Tortuga Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Etherium Reach L-ZJLN -0,5 #System #System Lugus Treehouse Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Heimatar Lantorn 0,3 #System #System Ruins Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Domain Lashkai 0,9 Fortizar Citadel M1 - Fenway Plant Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Forge Liekuri 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Blue HQ -RvB Freeport Yes n/a 22.01.2018
Metropolis Lirerim 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Mining-Guild Trade Station Yes n/a 27.09.2017
Impass LJK-T0 -0,3 #System #System Hull-Mart Yes n/a 26.01.2018
Tash-Murkon Lossa 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex SU-901 Industry and Trade Hub Yes n/a 18.08.2017
Geminate LR-2XT -0,1 #System #System DER NERV KOMPLEX Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Verge Vendor Luse 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex 0 TAX Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Verge Vendor Luse 0,9 Fortizar Citadel 01 Tax Relapse Market Yes n/a 11.02.2018
Etherium Reach LXQ2-T -0,1 #System #System UNPROFOR Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Fountain M-KXEH -0,1 #System #System 36s Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tribute M-OEE8 -0,2 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Northern Yeti - Eve-Mogul Public Yes n/a 29.08.2017
The Forge Maila 0,4 Keepstar Citadel Care 4 Kids "Super" Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Genesis Manatirid 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Booty Bay Yes n/a 15.09.2017
Genesis Manatirid 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Market Yes n/a 06.05.2017
Verge Vendor Masalle 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Trewissick Yes n/a 05.03.2017
The Forge Maurasi 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Nameless Structure Yes n/a 20.12.2017
Devoid Mehatoor 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Cyberdyne Industries Freeport Yes n/a 19.08.2017
Devoid Mehatoor 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Stock Exchange Yes n/a 10.09.2017
Essence Mesybier 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Point One Percent Market Yes n/a 20.05.2017
Sinq Laison Mirilene 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Crystal labs and Manufacturing Yes n/a 27.06.2017
Sinq Laison Mirilene 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex OdS Industrial Enterprises Three Yes n/a 24.04.2017
Domain Misaba 0,1 #System #System 11 More Carriers Yes n/a 15.01.2018
Domain Mista 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Not a House Yes n/a 28.12.2017
Domain Mista 0,5 Fortizar Citadel [MARKET] ESOCI Port Yes n/a 13.12.2016
Cobalt Edge MK-YNM -0,7 #System #System Welcome to Allrounder Wonderland Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Citadel Muvolailen 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Assailable Wealth - Min Tax Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Bleak Lands Myyhera 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Border Resupply Depot Yes n/a 13.06.2017
Deklein MZ1E-P -0,6 #System #System SOma Summer Palace Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Great Wildlands N-6Z8B -0,1 Azbel Engineering Complex Alpha Paradiso Free Trade Zone Yes n/a 13.08.2017
Providence N-RMSH -0,1 Fortizar Citadel The Island of Misfit Toys Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve N8D9-Z -0,5 #System #System Nido de CUERVOS Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Metropolis Nakugard 0,5 Fortizar Citadel free shipyard + 52% and 0,2% Tax Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Kor-Azor Nare 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Marketplace Yes n/a 05.11.2017
Detorid NB-ALM -0,5 #System #System Reliquary Yes n/a 10.01.2018
Malpais NBW-GD -0,7 #System #System BadFellas Stores Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein NC-N3F -0,7 #System #System TXC Operational Command Yes n/a 03.02.2018
Kador Neburab 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex JOIN BSNT Corp Yes n/a 31.01.2018
Outer Passage NEU-UD -0,7 #System #System Stronghold of 0RDEN Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Forge New Caldari 1,0 Sotiyo Engineering Complex Yeti Creations - EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 04.12.2016
Domain Niarja 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Sayashiva Yes n/a 04.11.2017
Domain Niarja 0,5 Fortizar Citadel X - DTC Trade Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Delve NIDJ-K -0,6 #System #System Sheep Shelter Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cache NIF-JE -0,6 #System #System FORT SWORD Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Derelik Nirbhi 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Derelik Discount Strippers Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Kor-Azor Nishah 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Freeport Market [0.1%] Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Feythabolis NLO-3Z -0,8 #System #System ISTINA Yes n/a 19.01.2018
Lonetrek Nourvukaiken 0,8 Fortizar Citadel The Thrift Shop Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Malpais NSI-MW -0,9 #System #System Stellar Core Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Querious NU4-2G -1,0 #System #System Alisons Hellcat Spangled Cavern Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein O-2RNZ -0,5 #System #System Pitchfork Armory Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Perrigen Falls O-QKSM -0,4 #System #System Business Time Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Kalevala Expanse O5-YNW -0,9 #System #System eBay Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Forge Obe 0,3 Fortizar Citadel Elliot's Tax Evasion HQ Yes n/a 20.12.2017
Devoid Odin 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Public Marketing Low Tax Yes n/a 08.01.2018
Solitude Oerse 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Stonneds Production Center Yes n/a 08.09.2017
Catch OGL8-Q 0,0 #System #System The Asylum Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Lonetrek Oishami 0,5 Fortizar Citadel 5th Freeport BUYMORE Market Yes n/a 11.10.2017
Essence Old Man Star 0,3 Fortizar Citadel Black Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Solitude Ondree 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Confederation Free Market Yes n/a 12.02.2018
Black Rise Onnamon 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Black Rise SHopING CenteR Yes n/a 16.01.2017
Metropolis Oppold 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Frontier MARKET Mfg amd Research Yes n/a 12.07.2017
Placid Orvolle 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Pathetic Dirty Pirate Port Yes n/a 06.08.2017
Placid Orvolle 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Point One Market and Free Clones Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Verge Vendor Osmomonne 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex The Morphite Bank Yes n/a 18.11.2017
The Forge Osmon 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Market Research and Cloning Yes n/a 04.01.2017
Placid Ostingele 0,2 Fortizar Citadel Soteria Yes n/a 30.08.2017
Curse OSY-UD -0,2 #System #System Temple of Artemis Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Lonetrek Ouranienen 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex GSV - Contents May Differ Yes n/a 19.01.2017
Genesis Ourapheh 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex ENLLC Trade Yes n/a 21.12.2016
The Forge Outuni 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Outer Edge Trading Yes n/a 26.01.2018
Fade P-33KR -0,3 #System #System Fort Krypted Yes n/a 16.02.2018
Cobalt Edge P-H5IY -0,9 #System #System We Care Yes n/a 08.02.2018
Outer Passage P-T9VC -1,0 #System #System Icarus Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Malpais P3X-TN -0,9 #System #System Black-Horizons Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Genesis Pakhshi 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Poon Na Inn [Invention/Market] Yes n/a 07.02.2017
Genesis Partod 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Discovery FreePort Yes n/a 23.01.2018
Tash-Murkon Paye 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Novembre Rouge Yes n/a 27.11.2017
Essence Perckhevin 0,5 Fortizar Citadel best market tax in essence Yes n/a 17.11.2016
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Sotiyo Engineering Complex - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market Yes n/a 16.09.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel - IChooseYou Trade Hub Yes n/a 13.01.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Tatara Refinery IChooseYou Tatara Max Reprocess Yes n/a 08.11.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Safe Trade Hub - Panfam Secured Yes n/a 24.08.2017
The Forge Perimeter 1,0 Fortizar Citadel ♔ Planet V ☣Panfam Secured Hub☣ Yes n/a 06.01.2017
Providence PI5-39 -0,4 #System #System Virgin Megastore Yes n/a 01.01.2018
Lonetrek Piekura 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Freeport All Piggy's Dead Yes n/a 08.10.2017
Derelik Podion 0,1 Fortizar Citadel Tanoo Trading Team Yes n/a 23.11.2017
Solitude Postouvin 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex ╬ The Heretic Enclave Yes n/a 02.01.2017
Malpais PWPY-4 -1,0 #System #System HUNTED MART Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Delve Q-02UL -0,6 #System #System Fort McClain Yes n/a 04.01.2018
Scalding Pass Q-NA5H -0,7 #System #System Look What You Made Me Do Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Vale of the Silent Q-R3GP -0,4 #System #System Geronimo Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Catch Q-U96U -0,5 #System #System Evictus Command Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tash-Murkon Rand 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex Moving to Prime - fueled til 9th Yes n/a 28.06.2017
Immensea REB-KR -0,3 #System #System GoFaS 2 Yes n/a 01.02.2018
Syndicate RF-GGF -0,2 #System #System The SandCAStle Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Tenerifis RH0-EG -0,3 #System #System Still Superless 7 17 17 Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Catch RNF-YH -0,7 #System #System Soylent Green Factory Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Scalding Pass RNM-Y6 -0,2 #System #System Crazy House Yes n/a 29.01.2018
Immensea RU-PT9 -0,6 #System #System Southern Watch Yes n/a 09.01.2018
Perrigen Falls RZ8A-P -1,0 #System #System Legio Exploratis Yes n/a 20.01.2018
Tenal S-KSWL -0,4 #System #System Waste of ISK Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Malpais S-R9J2 -0,8 #System #System LegoLand Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Domain Sadye 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Manuf Market Public Yes n/a 06.03.2017
Etherium Reach SAH-AD -0,2 #System #System Donut Destroyer Yes n/a 04.01.2018
The Forge Sakenta 1,0 Azbel Engineering Complex Cheap Trades Yes n/a 12.02.2018
The Forge Sakenta 1,0 Azbel Engineering Complex Planet V Trade - Online Yes n/a 30.01.2018
Derelik Sasta 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex depo v Strjgine Yes n/a 21.04.2017
Verge Vendor Scheenins 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Huxley's Haven (0.2%TAX) Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Verge Vendor Scolluzer 0,8 Fortizar Citadel 0.2% Ancbeu Bazaar Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Verge Vendor Scolluzer 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Incursion Marketplace Yes n/a 30.11.2017
Tash-Murkon Sehmosh 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Umbonibus Yes n/a 10.12.2017
Tash-Murkon Seil 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Babylon 5 - Kombardo Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Essence Seyllin 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Agora Yes n/a 29.09.2017
Domain Sharhelund 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Blips N Chitz Yes n/a 30.09.2017
Domain Sharhelund 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Los Pollos Hermanos Yes n/a 21.06.2017
Tash-Murkon Sharios 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex The Custard Factory Yes n/a 30.11.2016
Derelik Shedoo 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Walmart, Albany NY Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Genesis Simela 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex N-Kon Construction Yards Yes n/a 11.04.2017
The Citadel Sirppala 0,9 Fortizar Citadel STSS Trade Yard Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Placid Slays 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Industrial Core Processing Plant Yes n/a 21.03.2017
Lonetrek Sobaseki 0,8 Sotiyo Engineering Complex - IChooseYou Market Yes n/a 18.08.2017
Genesis Sosh 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex Zip It Yes n/a 15.05.2017
Placid Stacmon 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Casa Labonita Yes n/a 31.08.2017
Placid Stacmon 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Point 4 Market and Cloning Yes n/a 04.01.2017
Placid Stacmon 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex ValHan Engineering Yes n/a 13.12.2016
Sinq Laison Stegette 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex MARKET INDUSTRY REPROCESSING Yes n/a 01.05.2017
Sinq Laison Stegette 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Nova New Ore Buy Orders Yes n/a 31.12.2017
The Citadel Sujarento 0,3 Fortizar Citadel PEN IS Emporium and Hookah Bar Yes n/a 21.03.2017
The Citadel Suroken 0,7 Fortizar Citadel Nutristar Galactic Counter Yes n/a 01.06.2017
Perrigen Falls SY-OLX -0,6 #System #System 〷 Форт Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cobalt Edge T-67F8 -0,9 #System #System Wrecktory Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Citadel Tama 0,3 Azbel Engineering Complex MAM Yes n/a 05.12.2017
The Citadel Tama 0,3 Tatara Refinery Reactions-Refinery EVE-Mogul Yes n/a 13.11.2017
The Citadel Tasabeshi 0,8 Fortizar Citadel KODIAK Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex 1HEART Low Tax Trade Hub 1HEART Yes n/a 02.02.2017
Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex DEUS - WALL STREET Yes n/a 10.01.2018
Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex Rand Merchant Bank Yes n/a 05.02.2018
Domain Tastela 0,4 Fortizar Citadel Mental Institution Yes n/a 01.10.2017
Tash-Murkon Tendhyes 0,6 Fortizar Citadel **Motel 666** Ref/Man/Res/Clone Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Verge Vendor Tourier 0,9 Azbel Engineering Complex BYMC Industrial Hub Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Verge Vendor Tourier 0,9 Fortizar Citadel Fran's Market - 52%Ore Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Cache TPG-DD -0,3 #System #System Isabel Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Lonetrek Tsuguwa 0,8 Azbel Engineering Complex AZBELPROM-TRADE Yes n/a 31.10.2017
The Forge Tuuriainas 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Terrapin Station Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Deklein TXME-A -0,8 #System #System KeepStar Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein TXME-A -0,8 #System #System NoPoors Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence U-HYMT -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Fleet Battle Station Apollo Yes n/a 07.02.2017
Catch U-QVWD -0,1 #System #System Creecher is Primary Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Catch U-QVWD -0,1 #System #System SUADSTAR Yes n/a 26.12.2017
The Forge Uchoshi 0,5 Azbel Engineering Complex FREGE Market Yes n/a 17.10.2017
Vale of the Silent UH-9ZG -0,5 #System #System Sandcastle Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Everyshore Uphene 0,6 Fortizar Citadel EVERYSHORE MARKET CENTER Yes n/a 06.02.2017
Catch V-3YG7 -0,1 #System #System o John Bellicose Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Great Wildlands V-IH6B -1,0 #System #System The Choppa Yes n/a 08.02.2018
Molden Heath Varigne 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Bluestar Market Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Everyshore Vaurent 0,6 Fortizar Citadel 0 TAX Yes n/a 04.08.2017
Outer Passage VE-W7O -0,8 #System #System Daedra IV Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Cobalt Edge VEQ-3V -0,7 #System #System Ptah Yes n/a 02.01.2018
Essence Villore 0,5 Fortizar Citadel BLACK MARKET Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Essence Villore 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Veteran's Emporium Yes n/a 06.07.2017
Esoteria VL7-60 -0,6 #System #System PHELDENOUGHT'S LAIR Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Heimatar Vullat 1,0 Fortizar Citadel Unfallen Bulbitian Yes n/a 05.02.2017
Cobalt Edge VY-866 -1,0 #System #System Sunset at the Fishtadel Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Catch W-MPTH -0,6 #System #System Son of Tycho Yes n/a 15.02.2018
Tribute W-UQA5 -0,3 #System #System Monamatapa Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Molden Heath Weld 0,3 #System #System Armicustos Initiative Yes n/a 19.01.2018
Venal WLF-D3 -1,0 #System #System Winterfell Yes n/a 31.01.2018
Deklein WUZ-WM -0,5 #System #System The King's Head Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Providence X6AB-Y -0,1 Fortizar Citadel Temple of the Crimson Knights Yes n/a 19.12.2016
Stain Y-4U62 -0,1 #System #System Narrative Command ICBM Platform Yes n/a 17.01.2018
Malpais Y-XZA7 -1,0 #System #System Soy Sauce Yes n/a 31.12.2017
Tash-Murkon Yeder 0,6 Azbel Engineering Complex Fuzzi Ballz M & R Yes n/a 12.01.2017
Tash-Murkon Yeder 0,6 Fortizar Citadel Fuzzi Ballz Quickie Mart Yes n/a 22.04.2017
Querious YQX-7U -0,6 #System #System CBC Spolem Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Genesis Yulai 1,0 Fortizar Citadel USGC Public Market Yes n/a 30.12.2016
Solitude Yvelet 0,8 Fortizar Citadel The Cave Yes n/a 06.12.2016
Kador Zimse 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Bay of Dragons Yes n/a 17.11.2016
Malpais ZO-YJZ -0,2 #System #System MasterBuilder Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Deklein ZOYW-O -0,8 #System #System I'm SETC and I know it Yes n/a 28.01.2018
Providence ZT-LPU -0,1 #System #System I'm a clone Yes n/a 03.01.2018
Providence ZT-LPU -0,1 #System #System Reactions Yes n/a 04.02.2018
Catch ZXIC-7 -0,1 #System #System Catch Stronghold Yes n/a 26.12.2017
Count per structure group Amount of structures per group as per ESI
TotalCitadelEngineering ComplexRefinery  

Count of Citadels Amount of Citadel types as per ESI
TotalAstrahusFortizarKeepstarUpwell Palatine Keepstar  

Count of Engineering Complexes Amount of EC types as per ESI

Citadels per security sector Amount of Citadels in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

Engineering complexes per security sector Amount of ECs in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

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