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CREST available ESI available TQ: 17852

The following (by default pre-filtered!) list and graphs shows structures as being reported by CCPs ESI interface. This covers all structures that allow public access and thus are visible in-game in the structure browser. Any private structures are not listed here, since they are not included in the provided data.
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Structures with public access (as per ESI; jmps of 'Jita', seen today)
Region System Sec Type Group Name Mkt Jmps First seen
The Forge Ikuchi 1,0 Raitaru Engineering Complex Manufacturing No 1 26.09.2017
Lonetrek Isikemi 0,8 Raitaru Engineering Complex Helion Prime Manufacture No 3 26.09.2017
The Forge Josameto 0,6 Raitaru Engineering Complex Free Modernization T2-T3 Manufac No 2 26.09.2017
Metropolis Lanngisi 0,5 Raitaru Engineering Complex relax No 11 26.09.2017
Domain Mamenkhanar 0,7 Azbel Engineering Complex Tyuklenkovs 1 No 12 26.09.2017
Count per structure group Amount of structures per group as per ESI
TotalCitadelEngineering Complex  

Count of Citadels Amount of Citadel types as per ESI
TotalAstrahusFortizarKeepstarUpwell Palatine Keepstar  

Count of Engineering Complexes Amount of EC types as per ESI

Structures per jump distance As per ESI; jmps of 'Jita', seen today

Citadels per security sector Amount of Citadels in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

Engineering complexes per security sector Amount of ECs in High, Low, Null or WH as per ESI
HighSec LowSec NullSec WHSec  

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