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VOL-MI - Molestation Station
Structure ID:1025388890892SolarSystem:VOL-MIFirst seen:28.11.2017
Structure type:Fortizar / CitadelSecurity:-0.1Last seen:17.02.2020
Freeport:YesRegion:CurseOwner:Naked Oiled Bodybuilders / Parasitic Legion.
Active market:Yes
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Date Type  
22.06.2019 Name VOL-MI - Molestation Meat Market VOL-MI - Molestation Station
21.06.2019 Name VOL-MI - Molestation Station VOL-MI - Molestation Meat Market
30.05.2018 Owner N/A Naked Oiled Bodybuilders / Parasitic Legion.
13.04.2018 Name N/A VOL-MI - Molestation Station
Buy and sell order volumes Amount of ISK in orders per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) VOL-MI - Molestation Station / Curse
Buy and sell orders Number of orders on market per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) VOL-MI - Molestation Station / Curse
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