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Eruka - Waypoint Station
Structure ID:1026276080685SolarSystem:ErukaFirst seen:28.10.2018
Structure type:Fortizar / CitadelSecurity:0.4Last seen:17.04.2020
Freeport:YesRegion:The ForgeOwner:New Eden Logistics Network
Active market:Yes
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Date Type  
23.03.2020 Freeport Private Freeport
21.09.2019 Freeport Freeport Private
07.09.2019 Owner New Eden Jump Network New Eden Logistics Network
08.12.2018 Owner Eternal Zorro New Eden Jump Network
24.11.2018 Name Eruka - Waypoint Eruka - Waypoint Station
28.10.2018 Name N/A Eruka - Waypoint
28.10.2018 Owner N/A Eternal Zorro
Buy and sell order volumes Amount of ISK in orders per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Eruka - Waypoint Station / The Forge
Buy and sell orders Number of orders on market per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Eruka - Waypoint Station / The Forge
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