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Uemisaisen - A-Quckie Mart OPEN 24-7
Structure ID:1028142934327SolarSystem:UemisaisenFirst seen:13.07.2018
Structure type:Azbel / Engineering ComplexSecurity:0.6Last seen:22.08.2019
Freeport:YesRegion:LonetrekOwner:Duct Tape Warriors / Dara Cothrom
Active market:Yes
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Date Type  
16.04.2019 Name Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING-REFINE-OPEN Uemisaisen - A-Quckie Mart OPEN 24-7
26.03.2019 Freeport Private Freeport
25.03.2019 Freeport Freeport Private
31.12.2018 Name Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING-MARKET 101-OPEN Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING-REFINE-OPEN
15.07.2018 Name Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING 101-OPEN Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING-MARKET 101-OPEN
14.07.2018 Name Uemisaisen - 7-11 Open. Uemisaisen - AZBEL BUILDING 101-OPEN
13.07.2018 Name N/A Uemisaisen - 7-11 Open.
13.07.2018 Owner N/A Duct Tape Warriors / Dara Cothrom
Buy and sell order volumes Amount of ISK in orders per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Uemisaisen - A-Quckie Mart OPEN 24-7 / Lonetrek
Buy and sell orders Number of orders on market per day
Buy (Total)Buy (PC)Buy (NPC)Sell (Total)Sell (PC)Sell (NPC) Uemisaisen - A-Quckie Mart OPEN 24-7 / Lonetrek
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