Adam4EVE    Structure history for 'V-F6DQ - o7 Excalibus'   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 23713

V-F6DQ - o7 Excalibus
Structure ID:1031685708453SolarSystem:V-F6DQFirst seen:02.07.2020
Structure type:Fortizar / CitadelSecurity:-0.3Last seen:26.09.2020
Freeport:NoRegion:Scalding PassOwner:Vrtra Armamentarium / Dragons of Yggdrasil
Active market:No
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Date Type  
02.07.2020 Freeport Freeport Private
02.07.2020 Owner N/A Vrtra Armamentarium / Dragons of Yggdrasil
02.07.2020 Name N/A V-F6DQ - o7 Excalibus
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