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The following (by default pre-filtered!) list shows structures as being reported by CCPs ESI interface.

This covers all structures that allow public access and thus are visible in-game in the structure browser.

Any private structures are not listed here, since they are not included in the provided data.

Structures with public access as per ESI; jmps of 'Jita', only 'Citadel', since yesterday, only active
Region System Sec Type Group Name Owner Corp Mmb Owner Alliance Mkt Jmps First seen Last seen Days seen
Khanid Ainsan 0,5 Astrahus Citadel Resilience Lockheed Ship Corporate 2 None No 23 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
Lonetrek Ekura 0,9 Astrahus Citadel GNOME ENTERPRISES THE SALT MINES 28 None No 4 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
Insmother FN0-QS -0,8 Fortizar Citadel The Sky Castle The Sky Castle 47 Pan-Intergalatic Business Community No 27 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
Molden Heath Gulfonodi 0,5 Astrahus Citadel IX - Terra Nova Mining Group HQ Terra Nova Mining Group 4 None No 14 19.06.2019 19.06.2019 0
B-R00005 J133419 -1,0 Astrahus Citadel Stork Shadows Alyach 2 None No n/a 19.06.2019 19.06.2019 0
C-R00014 J160111 -1,0 Astrahus Citadel Doors & Corners Flocon Rouge 2 None No n/a 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
Tash-Murkon Lari 0,5 Fortizar Citadel Wars Heart Realities Edge 11 None No 15 19.06.2019 19.06.2019 0
Tash-Murkon Pimebeka 0,7 Astrahus Citadel Caldaris Pride Happy Tree Family 5 None No 11 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
Devoid Riavayed 0,6 Astrahus Citadel THE SALT MINES HQ THE SALT MINES 28 None No 16 18.06.2019 19.06.2019 1
The Forge Uchoshi 0,5 Astrahus Citadel GMC-Distribution point Gold Mining Corporation Group 3 None No 11 19.06.2019 19.06.2019 0

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