Adam4EVE    Top orders by volume - 'Bashyam - Sister of Khanid King ADVIP'   v0.0.17
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Top sell orders by volume of station 'Bashyam - Sister of Khanid King ADVIP' Orderbook age: 1.2 hours
Type Quantity Volume Price Price (region) Delta % (region) Price (The Forge) Delta % (The Forge) Troll
Salvager I 300 12.645.000 42.150 42.150 100 69.730 60 No
Gallente Shuttle 113 1.681.440 14.880 14.880 100 15.000 99 No
Amarr Shuttle 111 1.636.140 14.740 14.000 105 20.000 74 No
Caldari Shuttle 78 1.141.920 14.640 14.640 100 15.000 98 No
This page shows the top 100 orders of a specified station based on their ISK volume, thus quantity offered multiplied by price requested.

Furthermore it shows if Adam4EVE considers the order a "troll", thus an order that was not created by the player to get the order filled, but for some other reason. These orders are NOT considered when calculating the market volume metrics of the station.

If you want to look at more than the top 100 orders, then add the "rows" URL parameter with the number of rows to return. Maximum is 2500.

Example: /topvol_orders.php?stationID=1031916811412&rows=200

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