Adam4EVE    Daily trade volume by region for 'Porpoise Blueprint'   v0.0.17
ESI available TQ: 20299
Daily traded volume by region (30d avg) as per ESI; type 'Porpoise Blueprint'; last update: 21.06.2019
Region Number of trades Traded items Value of trades Lst Gph
The Forge 2 2 1.241.919.794 L G
Domain 1 1 999.724.976 L G
Heimatar 1 1 899.899.968 L G
Total 4   3.141.544.738    

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CCP provides via the ESI API the sum of performed buy and sell orders, thus trades, on a daily basis.

This page averages this across the last 30 days and thus shows how much a specific commodity is being traded globally or in a specific region.

This can be useful information for station trading, market seeding and other market activities.


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